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In Defense of Amy Schumer

Hear me out, I'm not a fan of Amy Schumer. Once upon a time I found her comedy fun, I thought her show was nice because she has always had an agreeable personality that resonates with me; she's not aggressive or overbearing, or at least she wasn't. But through her rise to fame she's descended into inanity, her jokes are a combination of strange noises and faces as if she were entertaining a baby, and contrastingly talking about her genitals as if it were edgy. She's grown away from my interests, but to each their own if you still enjoy her comedy.

That being said, today I found a thread in my Twitter Moments just tearing apart her new movie, "I Feel Pretty". If you haven't watched the trailer for it, you can watch it now if you want better context. The plot synopsis is this, a girl has the same self-esteem issues with her body that so many people have, she aggressively exercises to lose weight and ends up falling off a bike and hitting her head, causi…