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Vine and the Internet

I realize that I am very late to the game to talk about this, so fight me, but some thoughts occurred to me while I was searching through some YouTube content. I think that Vine was one of the best things to happen to the internet, specifically because it died. It failed, sure, but not because the content that came from it wasn't good enough, or because the user-base wasn't devoted, in fact I'd say the vine community was one of the stronger ones--certainly stronger than what I see today with Twitter. The only real reason it failed was because they refused to monetize correctly. Twitter buckled and added advertisements on their feed, facebook has them everywhere, it seems like every site on the internet has advertisements, but Vine didn't want them. I miss Vine, it is a shame they had to go down for such a common problem with such obvious solutions. Instagram now shows looping videos as well, but it lacks the community that developed; That is due to the force that deve…