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Locker-room Talk

Leaving the bus with Billy Bush, we likely have heard Trump's latest deplorable statements (as not just Hillary has called them). After hearing them, I could not physically remove myself from the discomfort Trump had orchestrated for himself––how could anyone hear statements like “grab her by the pussy” and consider Trump to be a good and moral human being let alone President of the United States? Then I watched the debate, and heard Trump’s asinine explanation of his actions as being “locker-room talk” and thought not a soul would genuinely sweep his comments away after that, save for his most vehement supporters.So I was surprised when my father came to me and asked if I had “read all the media’s spin about Trump.” Asking for elaboration, my father responded with, “well, why is the media trying to spin this when Trump only said the words and Bill Clinton did the act and is a rapist? It's just locker-room talk!”
To be candid, I do understand how what Trump said is “Locker-room…