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Modern Art-ifice

The title is just me trying to be clever. I enjoy art, and don't want to diminish the wonderful works of so many great modern artists, but I just need to clarify some things.

Art is passion, a powerful tool, a pastime, or a waste of time, depending on whom you ask. But regardless of if you choose to respect art, make art, or disregard it, one cannot be without their opinions. One of those opinions being that the progress of the modern art movement has quickly decayed into a kind of large scale performance art of its own. Do not take this wrong, there is a lot of great art out there, but the art establishment will not promote it and we are letting that happen. Art is certainly nothing static, its ebb and flow can be traced throughout history, as we can see how the course of art took a detour from scratching on rocks with harder rocks until lines appeared, into rules dictating what was resembled by this pretentious scratching. As artistic expression became more cultivated, we began se…