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Can He Really Make America Great Again?

If you happen to be anything like me, then you might not be a poli-sci major, but you care about politics and you want to know about the topics that will define our generation and want to keep updated on who could run our country for at least the next four years. If you are even more like me than that, you maybe have been using the AP mobile app to read news in the morning when you are cooking breakfast pretending you have your life together, and maybe you happened to lose your sh*t spilling coffee all over your most comfortable PJ's because of who just snatched the GOP nomination.  Maybe you knew it was inevitable, but at seven o’clock in the morning everything is unexpected, making that burn all the more painful. Well if this is the case we have a lot in common, so let me just say a few things on that nominee after I mop up this coffee.  You don’t have to be a poli-sci major to recognize the slogan “Make America Great Again;” it’s become so perfunctory for some political supporters…