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The Identity Caste System

For a lot of the media it's concerning that the only gay millennial running for president is under-supported by his own demographic, and instead the ~gay millennials~ like me overwhelmingly support a white-haired boomer and they don't get it. I would say that, "Bernie's an okay boomer!" For most of America it doesn't matter the identity that you're born into, if you're gay or straight, black or  white, millennial or boomer, you don't have to be trapped by that and don't have to vote by that and that's the way most people want the world to work--except the DNC! The DNC wants identity to matter and are forcing that on voters in various ways.

In the Iowa caucus, after months of candidates campaigning based on the rules decided after the last election, they changed the rules only weeks before the caucus so that the votes are calculated giving diminishing power to the voters in college-towns--that demographic where Bernie Sanders performs notoriously better than every other candidate.

In the way the votes were counted, the slow-drip of data, this bias also becomes blatant. It seemed, coincidentally, that all of the reporting precincts happened to support Buttigieg, and the areas where Bernie was predicted to win by large margins seemed to be taking their time in getting their data in even though various precinct captains had their data reported on facebook for hours, or days before the DNC released the official counts.

Those areas affected most by the slow-drip were college towns and satellite caucuses that Bernie's campaign fought for to give voice to underprivileged minority communities that are routinely left out of the process by not having a location to caucus. Many of these locations went entirely for Bernie, and were reported to, at some, have 90+% of participants as either young or disenchanted first-time voters.

The DNC basically said, "Oh, you're black, latino, or native student? Your vote only partially counts." The DNC all but reinstated the 3/5ths compromise for minority black and brown Iowa voters.

Besides this, the "rounding errors" that have been reported are staggering. In hundreds and hundreds of precincts, votes are shifting between candidates, votes are vanishing, precincts are giving out more delegates than they're allotted--it's beyond bizarre that anybody could look at the shear number of minor errors and dismiss them as part of the process. It's genuinely bizarre. A simple solution to the "rounding errors", since they all occurred while issuing State Delegate Equivalents--a completely inconsequential and value-less result--why not have precincts issue partial delegates instead of rounding? What the hell is a delegate supposed to do but represent the vote anyway?

Klobuchar has 2.125 State Delegates in this precinct? Don't round, then there are no errors and we add that to her 1.735 in another precinct and end up with a more accurate depiction of the vote. Think about what that does if you do round .125 delegates away. Maybe those delegates represent 20 caucus-goers, if you need the delegates to be even numbers, that add up to a certain number, you're literally saying the number of voters does not matter. Those twenty people that made up the .125 delegates are not only going to be silenced, but they are going to be spoken for---but by who?

Coin flips? Another round of voting? More obscure delegate equivalents and rounding? How about no, and you just let the voters decide who they want, and you can represent the popular vote percentage however you'd like but you do so by prioritizing the integrity of each vote.

The only demographic I care about is whether you're rich or poor--eat the fucking rich.


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