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Donald's War

If the reckless actions of a reactive president lead us into the biggest war we've ever had in the Middle East, then that war cannot be interpreted as anything but an egotistical war. I'd urge Democratic leaders to oppose this by slapping his name on it. It appeals to what inspired Trump to get us into the thing and so he might not be able to resist the idea of his name being associated with an international conflict of this scale. If he truly believed this war was a necessity then of course he should be unopposed to owning it, right?

And if this is the case, and he owns it, and the media buys into the label, we hammer home the idea that this war, Donald's War, is not just with Iran, but with the people that want him out of office, and most of all this is him at war with Obama because this all started out of Trump's desire to undo Obama's legacy. 

This effort led him into ameliorating the Iran Nuclear Deal which represented a huge step toward peace with Iran after decades long tension, back into the 50's even before the Iranian revolution. The Iran Nuclear Deal, even if you think of it as "not good enough" is far better than having nothing in place at all and is instantly one of the best diplomatic moves made by the Obama administration; at the very least, its importance is evidenced by Trump's vigour in having it undone.

As a result of our walk back, there is no diplomatic accountability for either Iran or the US. Now that Trump has let the genie out of the bottle, Iran is expected, and rightfully so, to have a military response, which we will then have to respond to. This all started because of an unsupported claim that Iran had plans to attack Americans, which rings a bell similar to "weapons of mass destruction." But even if the Iran had plans to attack America, they could have been retaliatory measures incase we did something as ridiculous as attacking them over nothing.

Trump's been touting the size of our military, saying we will come down very hard and very fast if they retaliate. This equates to a school-yard bully who punches you because you're looking at him funny, and then beats you up when you fight back. 

Trump is right though, our military is huge, and Iran wouldn't stand a chance, but a war with Iran will be severe to a degree that we haven't seen since WWII. If you combine the armies we fought in the Afghanistan war and the Iraq war and then quadruple it, you'll have an idea of what we'd be up against. 

Do not let this escalate, get on social media and get out in the world to let people know the American people don't want this. 


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