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World Introvert Day and What Makes a Holiday

Hey, welcome to my home.

I'm an introvert so it is maybe unsurprising that I spend most of my time on the internet, sometimes I wish I didn't, sometimes I wonder how different I would have been had my entire generation not grown up around technology. Introverts would not have the internet to turn to for validation of their interests and curiosities, we'd sink-or-swim-style make friendships in the real world and have to re-calibrate with books instead of twitter threads. I read now, but I used to read a lot more when I was younger. The relationship I had with book characters I now feel for my computer. Unhealthy? Probably. How much smarter would I have been if I had to read books instead of random posts online? Probably a lot.

Anyway, today is unofficially World Introvert Day and I'm writing this at 12 am on the floor of my bedroom wrapped in a brand new king-sized Sherpa comforter, and it is, my friends, very comforting indeed; certainly the perfect way to celebrate this holiday.

Though it is not a real holiday it feels like the opportunity for an important holiday, and one I'd like to not miss celebrating somehow, but my dilemma is distinguishing it from any of my other days off work and out of class? It's something I've spent the last twenty or so minutes thinking about. How do I place value on the time I spend in order to feel convinced that anything I do on my own is worthy of Holiday-dom? What would Christmas be without people?

I assumed, maybe incorrectly, that the Holiday is made by the people; slowly cultivated over time through creativity and artistry. Music is written to be listened to around the holiday, this teaches us the holiday-feels. Paintings and photographs show us the style of the holiday. Novels and movies are made to combine all of this, emotions are felt, choices are made, we get to see a bit clearer what this holiday means culturally and what direction we should be going as people. So, a holiday is growth-oriented. Which is all fair and nice, but there's still something missing.

A holiday has a symbol or figure-head. Christmas has Santa or Jesus, depending, Valentines day has Saint Valentine, St. Patrick's day has the four-leaf clover, etc. Can introverts just claim Susan Cain? Maybe our symbol, like the simple four-leaf clover, should be some WiFi bars? Every year on January 2nd, we can come together (or go home) to commemorate and mourn the loss of internet freedom and Net Neutrality, giving gifts of self-purchases from our Amazon wish-lists leaving a note on the door for the UPS driver to just leave the package on the stoop.

Honestly, what if we took the day to, instead of reading and watching content, we make ourselves a nice pot (or a few) of coffee and spend the day writing, playing, filming, or just generally creating anything that makes the world feel a little bit safer a lovelier? We make art on our own, but we make it for the world. January 2nd doesn't have to be World Do Everything For Yourself Day, it can just be World, Do For the World Day (but by yourself for a change). Maybe we can take a lesson from Susan Cain and not indulge in self-hatred by critiquing extroverts, but indulge in our introversion and contribute something, and use this day to show our value.

This ultra-soft comforter is lulling me to sleep, so I will be out soon. Regardless, I hope you celebrate and have a happy World Introvert Day, whatever that means for you.


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